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The South African Experiment

When one sets out to examine the relatively modern field of restorative justice, particularly Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, one must acknowledge the general intention and courage of those attempting to establish peace and ensure justice in a wholly new way. In the case of the South African TRC, the subject of Graeme Simpson’s work, “Tell […]

Retributive vs. Restorative justice using the example of The People V. Brock Allen Turner Case

This blog post is going to discuss the People V. Brock Allen Turner case and analyze how restorative justice could have been more beneficial to the ruling of the case. Retributive justice focuses solely on gaining justice through a unilateral method of punishing the offender. In restorative justice there is a bilateral method in which […]

Perspectives on retributive and restorative justice

One can consider and practice justice, from different perspectives, e.g. the retributive and restorative point of view. The retributive justice refers to punishment as based on the need for revenge, in which the element of justice lies (Wenzel, 2007: 376), where, in the restorative justice, it is the healing element rather than punishment that is […]

To forgive or not to forgive

The idea of restorative justice is a truly compelling one, although it needs a great deal of promotion to gain strength in our modern, industrialized world. As Wentzel et al. point out, most Western societies have based their concepts of justice upon another option, that of retributive justice.


“One could make the argument that […]